About me

Who am I? Who are we?

I am a Lover of life. Dweller of the Earth. Follower of the Sun. Seeker of Waves. Chaser of Dreams.

What I do is what I am. I roam the earth with my three beautiful daughters. Together we travel. We worldschool. We put one foot in front of the other. We breath. We follow the sun, the moon. We follow the stars and the wind. We leave when the Universe tells us to. We live to be free.

How did I get here?

The journey started in Europe. I thought I had it all. A nice and quiet life, a few good friends and a decent job. But was my life still challenging me to become the best possible version of me? Did I wake up in the morning, feeling insanely happy to be granted another day of life? No, I believe not. Life was passing me by faster than I liked to admit.

We sold and gave away everything we had. We bought ourselves four one-way tickets to Costa Rica. We left. And up until this day we are still exploring. We are still wandering our beautiful planet. We have no intentions on going ‘home’ soon. The world is our home now.

Gifts & talents

There is no such thing as work. What I do reflects who I am. I write, therefor I am a writer. Writing is my life-line, my passion. Writing is living.

I inspire. I share ideas and innovations. I care for our beautiful Mother Earth. I am an idealist. Therefor I own a small internet-based store in organic & sustainable goodies. Sharing is caring.

You must be rich!

Yes. I am rich in love. I was, and still am, a single parent, blessed with 3 beautiful daughters. However, I have nothing material to show for. I don’t own anything, and as we speak I don’t have any savings. But in my heart love flows abundantly. I’d like to think love is all you need to start manifesting everything you want out of life.

Dive into the great unknown. Wholeheartedly. Run towards your wildest dreams. Act like they are already a done deal. And it will happen!


With love,


Inge, Sheree, Silvana & Suze



Did you know a lot of the Sea Gypsies survived the 2004 tsunami in Thailand? This beautiful sea gypsy lady gave me a glimpse into her life. A beautiful reminder to always be humble <3 ...

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The Land of Smiles. Thailand, I already love you! 💕 ...

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It is time to pack up and move! In a few weeks our nomadic family will cross land and ocean again, off to new adventures. Thailand, here we come! <3 ...

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After two years of traveling we arrived in the Mexican Caribbean. Quite the shock, I may say. Instead of local fruitstands there is Walmart. Instead of broke but handsome surfers wearing loose shorts, there's bronzed and oiled up men wearing speedos and golden watches. Instead of casually wandering into PachaMama shop, I get refused into a store because of my bare feet. Instead of waves there's ripples. But how thankful I am for this journey, for my girls, for my friends, and all the love going around! <3 ...

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