How to Conquer Fear and Travel the World



Today, I am living the life I have envisioned. Together with my three daughters, I travel the world, chasing waves and dreams. I am living my dream.

On a daily basis, I get many inspiring, moving, and sometimes desperate messages from people all over the world, asking me the same question.

How can I conquer my fear and travel the world?  

(when I have no money)

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How I ended up Camping on a Deserted Beach in Mexico

Central America


How can a single mom travel the world with three kids, on an empty bank account? Somewhere along the road I must have had a sugar-daddy, a rich aunt, won the lottery, or engage in indecent proposals. Life’s just not all rainbows and unicorns. Traveling costs money, and money doesn’t grow on (palm) trees. Keep reading

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How a Single Mom of 3 Takes Her Kids Out of School to Travel the World and Chase Waves



Today, we’ve decided to join a local initiative to clean up the beach. After that, we’ll do some free surfing. It seems like a perfect way to spend a Saturday, so I inhale, the hot and humid tropical air filling my lungs, and look out at the ocean. This is when I realize that I’ve finally made it. Keep reading

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