How I ended up Camping on a Deserted Beach in Mexico

Central America


How can a single mom travel the world with three kids, on an empty bank account? Somewhere along the road I must have had a sugar-daddy, a rich aunt, won the lottery, or engage in indecent proposals. Life’s just not all rainbows and unicorns. Traveling costs money, and money doesn’t grow on (palm) trees. Keep reading

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A Whale Watching Adventure with Nico Ransome

Central America


Who is Nicky?

Today I am meeting the British Nicky Ransome from ‘The Orca of Sayulita’. She has invited me to go whale watching with her, and I am beyond excited to meet both this passionate young woman and the whales of Sayulita. As we chat easily I am instantly drawn to her happy and almost childlike ways. She’s an open, free-spirited soul who has lived all over the world, following the singing of the whales. We soon come to realize that, following the sound of the waves, we have lived in many of the same places. Today, the whales and waves are bringing us together in Sayulita, Mexico. Keep reading

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