Little Susy is six years old. Should she read and write?



When little Susy came into this world, she learned to sit, walk, and speak naturally. Why would learning to write and read be any different?


Today. A tropical beach in the South of Thailand. ‘How do I write sun, mommy?’. I lean over to kiss her salty forehead. With a piece of sea-shell I write the word sun in the hot Asian sand. Her eyes twinkle. With an unbridled enthusiasm she now wants to write down the whole alphabet. I smile. What a contrast to her older sisters. In her six years of age, Susy has never been to school. Instead, she has traveled around the world and turned this world into her home, playground and classroom.  Keep reading

The World as our Religion

Batu Balong Hindu Temple in Lombok, Indonesia

The reason I set off for a trip around the world, un-and worldschooling my children is to raise them with an open mind.

I want them to see, live, and breathe other cultures and religions. I don’t want them to see it on television, or when sightseeing on holidays. I want them to live in different countries, among Christians, Buddhist, and Muslims. Not in gated compounds or hotels, but together with the locals. Keep reading

5 Reasons To Choose Playa del Carmen Mexico as your World Schooling Hub



Playa del Carmen, Mexico is generally not considered a child friendly destination. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the world, catering to the needs of not only the rich and famous, but also party animals from all over the world. Arriving at Playa del Carmen in the evening, with three kids and all of our luggage, I was literally panic-stricken. We were surrounded by a big soup of people, for as far we could see. Most of them, either happily intoxicated or uneasily sober. As opposed to other parts of Mexico, all was marked in US Dollars. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I wanted to crawl back to the small local Mexican towns, that we had thus far resided in. However, after two months I can see both the beauty and the convenience of Playa del Carmen as a worldschooling hub. Keep reading

Inge, happy and single mom moving away from the system. Traveling the world I un- & road-school my three daughters. Three years and counting! How?