How I ended up Camping on a Deserted Beach in Mexico



How can a single mom travel the world with three kids, on an empty bank account? Somewhere along the road I must have had a sugar-daddy, a rich aunt, won the lottery, or engage in indecent proposals. Life’s just not all rainbows and unicorns. Traveling costs money, and money doesn’t grow on (palm) trees.

Yet here I am, on a deserted beach in Mexico. I look at the sky blushing shades of deep purple. The sun is like a fierce ball of fire, about to disappear in the bluest of oceans I have ever seen. The sound of the waves come and go, tempting the golden sand with its touch. The soft breeze through my hair. I think about the day that has almost come to an end. The kids playing in the river all day. The fresh and clean water pooling into a natural bath warming the water before flowing into the ocean. Endless lines of palm trees watching over the kids as silent protectors. I surfed the most perfect little waves with Silvana, my oldest daughter. With every wave, I felt my worries, coming with this journey, dissolving in the clear water. In the water, where I didn’t need anything that exists on the land. We let the warm, golden sand warm our bodies afterward. We walked along this stretch of beach, looking for shells and treasures Mother Nature had left us. We pitched our little tent. We gathered logs of wood, chopping them up with a machete. We build a fire. A mom, three kids. Alone on a faraway beach in Mexico.



How did I end up on this beach, camping with my three kids? How did I end up traveling for over a year and a half, all through South and Central America? The truth is, traveling does cost money. Raising kids costs money. But sometimes not having anything left may be the best thing ever. It opens windows to new adventures. To creativity. We ran out of money, so we rented out our little Mexican home away for home, and traded it for a temporary home on the beach. It doesn’t make us rich, but it provides for our need, our hunger, for adventure.



Renting out your home on the road (or a room) is just one of the many ways to fund extended travel. It’s one of the ways I use to travel the world with my children.

Indeed, life’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but sitting on a pristine Mexican beach, overlooking the ocean, being watched over by a thousand of sparkling stars and warmed by the lingering heat of a woman-made campfire surely comes close.

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Inge, happy and single mom moving away from the system. Traveling the world I un- & road-school my three daughters. Three years and counting! How?