Not a Never Ending holiday

Office with a view
Office with a view

You must be lucky. I wish I could do that too! The longer the journey the more I have stopped trying to fight this rose-colored idea where I (we) are on some kind of never ending holiday. Where we spend our days sleeping in until late, lying at the beach all day wrapping up with some fine wine-and-dining while watching ravenous sunsets every single day. As much I’d like this to be true, it simply isn’t.

Just living

So what dò we do all day? What makes our life just a life, and not a never ending holiday? Let’s first define the word ‘holiday’. Now a holiday would be any day (or days) of exemption from any requirement, work and/or duty. As a traveling single mom I am never exempted from any duty, personal- or work wise. Being on the road also means there is no partner, family or friends gently taking over when I feel the need for some me-time. I am on active call 24/7.

On a personal level I make sure the children are well fed and their needs are met. I chose to home- or unschool the children, which doesn’t solely mean the absence of having to attend school. It means I, as a mom, have to guide, facilitate, stimulate and challenge them to become the best possible version of themselves. I need to know and feel what their heart desires are so I can steer them in the right direction when needed. We go on field-trips, exploring nature and culture. And sometimes I provide days of seemingly boredom, where the unfilled meets creativity. We read books, go for walks, paint & color until hearts and minds are satisfied.

I also have a household to run. Cooking, cleaning, all part of our journey. Some of you beautiful souls might also know that doing the laundry in South- and/or Central America is not done in the blink of an eye. The good old days of filling and emptying washing machines are definitely over. Instead I find myself washing heaps of dirty laundry by hand. Why not toss it all in bag and let the laundry-service take care of it? This blessed life of extended travel simply means making ends meet, most of the times. Surprisingly there was also much joy to be found in those daily chores. I must admit, more than once this is done while blasting tropical tunes under the warm Ecuadorian rays of the sun. Singing, dancing or contemplating the simple joys of life. Chickens, stray dogs, cats, peeping around the corner silently observing my silly ways. Where I used to get stressed over tight schedules, I smile now. I smile while cleaning. I smile while doing intense research for hours and hours to find our next destination. To find the best flight deals, bus schedules or work around border issues. I smile when we are packing up all of our belongings again. I smile when fighting the odds to make this life happen.

On a professional level I have a job to do too. It might not be a 9 to 5 job, and there’s no endless commuting involved. Yet the job simply has to be done, in between being a mom ànd running a household. That means I work in the mornings or in the evenings or even at night. Depending how the wind blows, the moon shines or the waves roll. I write; a book, a blog, travel articles. I run a small internet based shop in Europe. I am a circus artist, I juggle money, time & good vibrations. Never Ending. Without Exemption.

Design your own life

My (our) life however ìs a choice. A choice to create my own painting, write my own scenario. Decide what part I would like to play today. Is the sun shining so bright it’s calling out my name? I’ll roll out of bed, and with my hair still messy I’ll slip into an airy dress that lightly covers my body. The children still asleep as I’ll walk along the beach. Just a quick run or surf session, or maybe just a morning dip in crystal blue waters befòre I decide to get to work. And just maybe, if room for indulgence, I will treat myself to a dinner at the beach today. It’s all a choice really, it’s all just life. And life’s never easy. You fight the odds, demons, time, resources. You fall, you get up. You design your own never ending holiday called life.

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  • So I have just found your blog, which is just wonderful and you are a courageous and beautiful soul and your children too.
    What a wonderful journey and life you are leading. Incredibly inspiring.
    But I must say, where I find your post, it was firstly on Inertia and they have no link to your blog or site here. And then people have reposted it too.

    Do you have any social media accounts we can follow you on?

    I look forward to reading all your entries.
    Cheers, Mandy, (Australia)

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