Yeay! We’re Moving again!



This time our leave is long overdue. We have been in Mexico for over eight months, and I can sense my wandering spirit getting restless. But why? Why are we packing up again when we have settled. When we have made so many friends. When we have grown to love this small town of Sayulita. Where we play, and where we work. Why?

As a writer, I need to live intensely. I need to get lost in the highest of highs and wallow in total despair. I need to breathe in ancient cultures and history. I need to feel the fierce sun warming my skin. I need to feel the breeze waver through my hair. I need to feel the saltiness of the ocean on my lips. I need to run naked on deserted beaches. Hug trees. Walk barefoot. Because that’s where the inspiration originates.

Living in the Mexican, but slightly Americanized, town of Sayulita has been a challenge in more than one way. I have traveled here, chasing a soul-stirring love that made me dance on the edges of total bliss and complete despair. I have run out of money, camping out on deserted beaches, taking jobs that both killed and enriched my spirit. I have gotten caught up in daily routines, time schedules, deadlines, and earthly worries clouding my vision. I have been consumed, eaten alive by the merciless monster called ‘World’. But when my soul softly whispered songs of freedom, my heart patiently listened. My feet danced in the moonlight. And I knew.

It is time, my darling. It is time.

The children? Silvana is ready for new adventures. She’s tired of surfing the same wave over and over again. Where I thought she’d be the one tying us down, this teenaged young lady has been leading this change of course. Sheree’s beautiful heart is torn between her friends and the intense love for exploring new places. Susy, is just Susy. Little Susy, fluttering from moment to moment. Happy to land where the wind takes her.


So here we are, a week away from manifesting our biggest dream. Asia. Where everything tastes different. Smells different. Sounds different. Where my roots are. To set things in motion, and keep the energy flowing we’ll head South first, explore a little more of Mexico, and save some money along the way.

Puerto Escondido, the girls are coming!




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It is time to pack up and move! In a few weeks our nomadic family will cross land and ocean again, off to new adventures. Thailand, here we come! <3 ...

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After two years of traveling we arrived in the Mexican Caribbean. Quite the shock, I may say. Instead of local fruitstands there is Walmart. Instead of broke but handsome surfers wearing loose shorts, there's bronzed and oiled up men wearing speedos and golden watches. Instead of casually wandering into PachaMama shop, I get refused into a store because of my bare feet. Instead of waves there's ripples. But how thankful I am for this journey, for my girls, for my friends, and all the love going around! <3 ...

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And so the journey continues. After a thirteen hour bus ride we finally arrived in San Cristobal de las Casas. Such lovely change of scenery! ...

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Man oh man, Puerto Escondido's Big Wave Challenge was on fire today!

The last few weeks I started to wonder why I was here. I worked my butt off just to get good on the table. I couldn't find the time to surf. And I was tired. Then days like today make me feel alive, and confident of the journey I am on. Massive waves, impressive men who fear less, and beautiful vibes. What else could a woman ask for? <3

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