5 Reasons To Choose Playa del Carmen Mexico as your World Schooling Hub



Playa del Carmen, Mexico is generally not considered a child friendly destination. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the world, catering to the needs of not only the rich and famous, but also party animals from all over the world. Arriving at Playa del Carmen in the evening, with three kids and all of our luggage, I was literally panic-stricken. We were surrounded by a big soup of people, for as far we could see. Most of them, either happily intoxicated or uneasily sober. As opposed to other parts of Mexico, all was marked in US Dollars. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I wanted to crawl back to the small local Mexican towns, that we had thus far resided in. However, after two months I can see both the beauty and the convenience of Playa del Carmen as a worldschooling hub.

1. I Choose Playa del Carmen for its Homeschooling Focal Point ‘Park la Ceiba’

Settling in Playa del Carmen as a worldschooling family undoubtedly means you can’t get around Park La Ceiba. The Park is located on Calle 1 Sur, and is what they call a hidden gem. The park is beautifully landscaped with lots of native trees and plants. There are bike-trails, (natural) playgrounds, recycle areas, and a small restaurant serving healthy foods. The park organizes local markets, movie nights, and daily or weekly classes for children and adults. Think yoga, aerial silks, robotics, art, and story telling. Saturdays are usually good for a diversity of fun and educational classes from morning until 3pm. Classes cost 50 Pesos average.

Playa del Carmen by night

2. I Choose Playa del Carmen for its Active Homeschooling Community

‘Crecer Verde’ (growing up green), is the local homeschooling community. The group is a perfect multi-cultural mix of Mexican and Expat children. Crecer Verde organizes two days (at time of writing Wednesdays and Fridays) of classes Park la Ceiba. Groups are divided in five age-categories and all classes are optional. Think biology, history, science, art, music, and circus classes. Again, classes cost 50 Pesos average.

Besides two days of classes, the group also attends Sunday morning classes at the planetarium. Class cost 20 Pesos.

3. I Choose Playa del Carmen for Nearby Cancun International Airport

Cancun is an easy one hour bus-ride away and hosts the second busiest Mexican airport. Cancun International Airport is known for their inexpensive flight routes to Europe (particularly Belgium), and the US. VivaAerobus is your choice for cheap domestic flights. 

4. I choose Playa del Carmen for the Many Nearby Cultural and Historical Road Trips

We absolutely love Playa for its many cultural and historical sites, all within an hour of traveling (either by local bus or car). And If you wish, you could probably swim in a different cenote for the rest of your life! We strongly recommend visiting the Ruins of Tulum,

Ruins of Tulum

5. I Choose Playa del Carmen for its Friendly Blend of Expats and Locals

I have to admit, Playa and I didn’t hit it off immediately. But I did grow to love her. If you look closely there is still authentic Mexican culture to find. And instead of going to Walmart, you can stroll along Avenida Benito Juarez where the local Mexicans shop. Instead of going to Mamita’s beach you can go to the less crowded beaches Playa Car and Punta Esmeralda. Skip the commercial restaurant chains, and try the local cuisine. Interact with your neighbor, whether Westerners or Mexicans. And I promise you will grow to love the town of Playa del Carmen and its multi-cultural residents.

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  • Great article, thank you for sharing! I’m currently living on Isla Mujeres with my 2yo girl. I look forward to exploring park la ceiba. Is this easy to find? Cheers @travelmamaluna

    • I am so, so sorry your comment has escaped my attention! Park La Ceiba is absolutely worth the visit, although your daughter may be a bit too young for most organized activities. But still fun to explore, and get a bite to eat!

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