Sayulita, where the Magic Happens

Central America

We had been traveling for over a year, our vagabonding family consisting of myself and my beautiful three daughters. We had started our journey in Costa Rica with nothing but a few one way tickets. We decided to go after our wildest of dreams, traveling from fear to freedom. 

Just one month into our grand adventure I had crossed paths with the most handsome of handsome man. A man with eyes that sparkle like life itself, a smile that can make the darkest of clouds disappear. A man that starts where heaven and earth collide. We happily spend some time together and, as happens with travelers, parted ways again.

Against all odds our family made it through the most amazing places all through South and Central America; Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. All equally stunning and now part of our very hearts and souls. After a year of roaming our planet I decide traveling from Peru to Mexico, a country I knew nothing about. The country where the most handsome of handsome man was now living. Somewhere, anywhere, on the 1,972,550 km2 of land that Mexico consists of. We soon decide we’d venture off to Sayulita. A beautiful coastal town that seemed to have magically picked us. The letters staring at us from our screens, from our maps. Sayulita, that is where we needed to be. Not much later we would find out that my heart had unfailingly known the way, here was where he lived. Where we would reunite after a year. The most handsome of handsome man and I.

Through internet we connected with a few local surfer-girls. When I tell them about our journey, about the most handsome of handsome man, there’s only one answer. ‘Yes, this kind of magic tends to happen in Sayulita’. Sayulita, El Pueblo Magico. I hadn’t yet seen him but the magic had already happened.

So we settle, we explore. We are in awe of the vibration of this colorful coastal town. There’s love flowing, everywhere you look. Signs that read ‘amor’, ‘love’. Mexican pieces of street art. A true revolution of hearts. You cannot walk through this buzzing little surfers town without feeling òr spreading the love. Like I said, we have been around South and Central America, but this place truly breathes something unique. Something I cannot put into words but that you are about to experience yourself. If you too are ready for the magic to happen in your life.

The most handsome of handsome man? His eyes still sparkle like life itself. His smile still brightens up my cloudiest of days. And he still begins where heaven and earth collides. In Sayulita, where I lost another piece of my heart. To this man, to the people of Mexico, to the one place where magic does exist.


Sayulita’s guide to magic


Every day should start with a fresh juice from Orangy Juicebar. Not only are their (raw) juices, smoothies and breakies the best in town, the owners Paul and Danny are exceptional human beings who’ll instantly make you feel good about yourself and life. Nothing but love and smiles here. Juices start from about 40 pesos.


Hostel La Redonda is located right in town and a good option for either accommodation or free yoga classes. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5 o’clock you are welcome to join their free classes. Bring a mat or a towel ànd a piece of fruit. Afterwards the fruit ànd the positive vibes are shared.


Sayulita’s main break is located right at the central beach. It’s an equally good spot for beginners and intermediate surfers, depending on the swell coming in. On good days there’s a right ànd a left on the other side of the river. The spot is crowded, but friendly.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge there are several good option near by. La Lancha, Burros, Patzcuaro. You never have to be without waves in Sayulita.

Colorful Sayulita
Colorful Sayulita

Lunch or breakfast

Every local knows about Naty’s. Naty’s is located in the street parallel to the famous main street. It serves the best (and cheapest) taco’s in town. Also serves great vegetarian options. They are open from 10 am to 3 pm. You’ll often find a line with hungry Mexicans and Taco-lovers alike. Prices from less than 20 pesos.


Friday Nights 

Sayulita has a cute little main square where locals and tourists hang out. Friday nights there’s a local band playing and plenty of room to either watch or dance to some real Mexican tunes. It’s fun, and free. Grab an ice-cold beer and enjoy the vibes! When the band finishes wander off to the beach where Club de playa Camaron is located (past the river). Famous for their hot Cumbia vibes until five am. No need to go home just yet…

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